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 All Insurance, Claims Manager can source Builders and tradesmen to perform repair building and other structures Australia wide following loss or damage due to fire, storm, cyclone, earthquake, or any disaster and any day to day repairs.


Catastrophes cause a large influx of claims for insurers by volume or severity (or both) depending on the nature of the event.

Local building resources are often stretched beyond their limit necessitating additional resources in the affected area.

DBI can source the number required from our extensive database of service providers which highlights those who have already agreed to assist “other regions” in their SLA.

DBI therefore provides you with the peace of mind that:

Only contracted providers will be called upon.

These providers are very experienced in their respective areas of expertise.

Customer service, quality and cost control are paramount to our providers who will work with insurers and their assessors to satisfy these critical areas.

Only work COMPLETED to acceptable standards will be recommended for payment by qualified building consultants.

There is no need to wait for a catastrophe as DBI's service providers are also able to cater for your "business as usual" needs on a day to day basis.

As a member you will be able to login and Find / Appoint a Service Provider utilising our extensive network of builders.


DBIS is offering Special Services to Maintain Construction Industry Claims. Please Select your Apporiprate area to access your Portal.












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